About Our Farm

                 The Westlund Family established Harmony “J.A.C.K.” Farms in 2001. Bearing the name of the four children: Jordan, Andrew, Cierra and Keri, the operation was founded with the unshakable belief that there’s a better path for the long-term health of our lands, animals and neighbors than the one currently pursued by industrialized agribusiness. We started this operation with a strict adherence to the tenants of sustainability and strive daily to find ways to make the fruits of our labor affordable for everyone who wishes to join us on this mission.

It’s our belief that our lands, communities and neighbors need not trade their future health and well being for their meals today.

Our Animals are raised
on certified organic pasture year round.  Striving to raise the healthiest, happiest and most natural animals possible, we use techniques that minimize risk and maximize production with breed choice and grazing practices.  Our animals are not fed growth hormones or stimulants and are not finished on grain or in a feedlot environment.

Our Cows           

Our cattle are very close, if not the same, in size as our native Roosevelt Elk.  They subsist and thrive on our native species (and some non-native like scotch broom and blackberries) year round, with no off-farm inputs.  Our cows prefer to be out in the elements and brave the predators, carrying their barns on their backs.

We calve seasonally like the deer and elk, when the forage is at its peak nutrition so that mother’s lactation is optimal.  Calf and cow are not separated and we rotate the animals in our “herd” from pasture to pasture so as to balance the percentage or grass consumption, turf trample, and manure deposits— all of which creates the optimal conditions for renewal and regeneration of our pastures. On average, our cattle are on pasture for two years before harvesting.

Our beef is processed in USDA inspected and certified organic facilities, so our beef products adhere to the stricter standards required to bear the USDA certified organic seal

Our Pigs
Our pigs range at large foraging for their natural food.  They graze grass just like cattle.  Most of what they eat is grass, roots, and leaves of trees.  But they also eat grubs, acorns, berries, fruits (acorns, berries, and fruits are strictly seasonal), eggs, critters of all kinds, and about anything else they come across in the pastures where they live.  (In fact, their diet is about the same as a grass-fed chicken!)  They are not caged, penned, confined in dirt lots, nor raised in buildings. In fact, their daily range is the exact opposite of the stereotype we’ve come to have of pigs — they don’t live in the mud and they don’t eat slop!

While our pigs are raised organically, our processing facilities are not certified organic. Due to the strict regulations of the National Organic Program, this means our pork products cannot bear the USDA certified organic seal.

Our Goats  

Our farms are nestled into the foothills of the Santiam River Valley. Large portions of our land are hilly and wooded — the perfect habitat for goats. They roam this terrain feasting on deep tap rooted plants, which helps make their meat highly nutritious as such plants are sure to bring up far more trace minerals lying far beneath the grasp of normal grass roots.

Our goat meat is processed in certified organic facilities and bear the USDA certified organic seal.

Our Chickens  

No egg tastes so good as one that is vibrant-orange-yolked and created by a bird whose diet consists primarily of self-harvested nutrition from pasture.  Our fryers, unlike any other you will find, are fed only GMO-free whole grains and milled rations.  Our poultry, receives minimal grain inputs and are soy and corn free.  Our rations are milled by a certified organic grain farmer, who implements our microbiological methods, just east of Mt. Hood.

These chickens nest in our mobile coop and are pre-meditatively turned loose in pastures as part of our precise process of revitalization and renewal.    
Our eggs are certified organic. Like our pigs, our chickens are processed in non-certified organic facilities, so they cannot be sold as USDA certified.


Our mission here at Harmony Jack Farms is to operate sustainably from the ground up and from every perspective — Environmental, Human, Animal and Vegetation.  Like the farm itself, this is constantly evolving, but we measuring our success by the following.

Certified Organic

Our commitment to organic certification is the foundation of sustainability. The methods and practices employed to achieve this certification build fertility and health in both land and animals.

Replenishing Young Farmers     

It’s alarming to think that 59 the average age in agriculture. The lack of young talent jeopardizes the sustainability of our profession. Through farms like ours, we’re creating avenues for young farmers to return to the ancient and noble calling of providing sustenance from with their own local community.

Increasing Soil Complexity

Industrialization has taken its toll on our native soils. When left to its own devices, Nature will build its ecosystem to favor balance and efficiency. Letting this process take its course, without artificial intervention, leads to a more complete and enduring source of nutrients for our animals.

Humane Animal Husbandry

Every animal has its own essence. Respecting, nurturing, and encouraging that essence creates healthier animals — and in turn yields healthier meat. The strength they draw from being allowed to thrive also helps build stronger genetics and generational health.

Emissions Neutrality

Our way of raising animals helps reduce the carbon footprint for everyone. Our lands sequester carbon naturally. By eschewing chemical inputs, we’re leaving fossil fuels untouched, and our grazing methods ensure the natural and healthy distribution of feces.

By purchasing from us, you are supporting your local farmers and more equitable food distribution.  Your food dollars help create a more environmentally sound and economically healthy local community.

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